Should i use Motherboard CPU OC utility with stock cooling

Hi i have a asus p7p55d-3pro It has a built in CPU OC utility.

I was wondering if i should be able to use this on stock i5 760 cooling unit.

My idle temps are around 40 C and the max with full load was 58 celcius.

I"m not sure what is a safe temp to use, i really don't wnana loose my processor for a few fps.
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  1. When testing under load I'd suggest keeping it under 70C.

    The OC tool should be fine but just monitor your temps and check your OC with 8hrs of Prime95.

    I'd always recommend an aftermarket cooler for any decent system for a cooler and quieter system, but thats entirely up to you. :D

    Go Turbo.
  2. PLZ HELP i used the turbo auto tune utility, it restarted my system, and now it posts and all but no video i don't knwo what to do did i just break my cpu?

    The cpu fans spin. I double checked the CPU eavtx connector as well as graphics card
  3. Try turning off your psu and press then power button a few times to drain.

    Turn it back on and try, otherwise you'll have to try re-setting the bios.

    The OC utilities aren't 100% guaranteed but I don't think they would ever damage your cpu.
  4. I don't trust OC utilities, if you want to OCing then do it by yourself in BIOS setting, play with multiplier and FSB...
    For your problem, try reset the CMOS battery, unplug it for 10-15 minutes, after that plug it again and boot normally...
  5. is there a sticky for new overclockers to learn on an i5? preferably 760?

    Also my cpu is at 50 celsius at idle and 60 to 65 when gaming is this high for no OC already?

    When is it too hot? i know GPU's can go as high as 100 ish
  6. OCing is basically the same, you can use OCing thread (sticky) on this forums (overclocking section) to guide you OCing your i5.
    And 50'C idle and 65'C full load is HIGH, you even not OCing your CPU yet...
  7. what should normal be? I"m using antec 900 with an additional 120 mm fan, case has good airflow.
  8. If you are at 50C at idle, you are running too hot.

    Before OCing, did you stress test your rig to find its limits? To resolve cooling issues?

    If not, run Prime95 using CPUID's Hardware Monitor to watch temps. Do not go over 75C core temps for too long. If you can't run an hour, you installed the cooler wrong, or your case has bad airflow. You need to resolve that before tyring to OC.
  9. Agree, re-install your cpu cooler and make sure you apply a proper amount of thermal paste on it...
  10. prime 95 has been running for about 30 mins now, its at 66 max c

    i didn't take off the stock thermal paste? is there something you need to take off before install, like a thin invisible plastic layer?
  11. I"m pretty confident that the Stock cooler is installed correctly, as to the thermal paste layer, there was 3 *patches* for lack of a better word of thermal paste on it.
  12. i did buy artic silver 5 with my order though :D, what would be the best way to remove the thermal paste thats on it? Will i have to remove it from both cpu and heatsink or just heatsink
  13. Your cpu is running hot at stock settings (?). Either the cooler is not properly installed, or your case has lousy air flow.

    Which one is it? There is no third choice.
  14. non functioning thermal paste?

    I have antec 900 i got it due to its good airflow, i mean the damn thing actually has cooled down my room by about 4-5 degrees F, i have Great cable management for a non moded one, with a modular power supply.

    What could i of messed up with the stock cooler? Should i just rotate it 90 degrees
  15. The thermal paste came from the manufacturer. It's functional.

    The most common flaw is the pins are not actually lodged BEHIND the mobo. So there's not enough pressure clamping the heat sink to the cpu, not enough contact, not enough heat transfer.

    One way to test it is to grab the heat sink/fan, and try to "pull each corner in turn off the mobo. If it moves at all . . .

    The outer white pins have hooks that must be behind the mobo when you push the black pin down. That spreads the white pins out and they grab the back of the mobo.

    I'd start there.

    Please download/use CPUID's Hardware Monitor to record temps - we know that it works well, and how it works.
  16. i have been using cpuid hardware monitor for temp readings

    Right now just rebooted after an hour prime 95 max temp was 66, of fresh reboot my min is 42-36 depending on cores
  17. That's better than last reported, and you're good to resume trying for a mild OC. The 66C makes me think you will need to install a custom cooler in order to achieve much in the way of an OC, and keep temps under 75C under stress.

    So go slowly. The Gigabyte utility has a three step OC, and for the most part only the smallest OC option works "well". Voltages are often a bit higher than they need to be. I'm not familiar with the Asus utility, but a 10% OC is about the most I'd attempt given your current temps.
  18. i'm using asus not gigabyte, thanks for all your help so far!
  19. I know, that's why I said "I'm unfamiliar with the Asus utility".
  20. So you got your display back then?

    Thermal paste removal and clean -

    Thermal paste application -

    Manaul OC ing is the best option with a decent aftermarket cooler depending on how much you want to spend, if any.
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