I am upgrading my PC, originally built in Feb 07.

I was wondering how my Saphire x1950 pro ultimate 256Mb 265 bit card, from back then, stacks up against modern, on board, graphics. The card cost about £110 then, for comparison, as much as I'd pay, tops, for a mobo now.

I will upgrade the card eventually, I guess but do I need to make it a priority now or buy a better processor or motherboard and continue to use this card or rely on the on board graphics of a modern mobo.

I dont play many games but I do edit photo's and video (using cs4 and Pinnacle studio 11) both work fine with my existing system. I appreciate a modern graphics card is going to beat on board graphics hands down but what I don't know is how my card has aged or how on board graphics have developed.

so do I

1) continue to use this card

2) use on board graphics

3) really need a new card now.

Thanks Pete
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  1. Continue use your card, it still MUCH better than any onboard graphic... :)

    make sure you have a great cpu, for vga you can upgrade it later, don't worry about that...
  2. For your use, your current card is enough.
  3. Thanks for your help. I will stick with the card and upgrade later.
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