Seagate drive not recognised

Hey, My seagate back up disc is suddenly not recognised by my laptop. Its been working nice since few months. Please help it contains very imp data and movies I need qickly.
Looking forward eagerly for help.
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  1. maybe the cable came loose?
  2. No its not loose. Its even making tickling noise but then no effects afterwards..
  3. Good thing it's just a backup - that means the files are somewhere else right?
  4. If it is an external, you may be able to open it and place the drive into another system to get data back. Many times the enclosures seem to fail.

    You may need to take ownership, but as long as it is not encrypted or anything that may work.
  5. look the videos were very imp and I don't have them anywhere else.
  6. if it's making a ticking sound it may be shot. hook it to another computer and try and do a scan disc and recovery. if that works, pull your data off. it's shot.
  7. What???? I really need the help guys.....
  8. The going suggestion right now is to open the enclosure and try the drive in a desktop computer if you can.

    If the drive is USB powered only, trying another computer never hurts as some do not have the power to spin it up.

    But overall the remove from enclosure and try in another system may be best.
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