My mouse dose not move

Hello, my mouse does not work
even after rebootingas such I cann't even go to thestart menu even with after clicking Esc & Ctrl button. This happened after I did click Run<msconfig>, click <Boot.INI>, then click <advance...>, then checked all the 4 boxes. This advise I got in Youtube to speed up the computer (window XP), but waht a scam, now Icannot get the reboot my computer,can anybody help me , pls?
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  1. If System Restore cannot be done, then re-install the OS.
  2. Adjusting the options using MSconfig can be tricky if you don't know
    what you're doing. You can just re-enable everything and uncheck
    certain things one by one if you want faster start up
    Looking at the task manager will give you an idea of what is running
    some things (like Adobe & quicktime I always turn off because these
    programs will just load later when needed).
    You can also google 'start up programs services' for more info on what different things
    There are also programs that will delay start up items so you can begin working faster.
    Once you find a good set of selections under MSconfig take notes or use

    If it's a USB mouse you could try to plug & replug it in
    The mouse can also disapear while using some programs (until I close & restart them)
    (you can switch on 'Show location of Pointer when I press Ctrl Key'
    under Control Panel -- Mouse properties -- Pointer options) to help with this issue.

    Alternatively check under Control Panel --> Device manager to see if there are any
    hardware/driver issues with your mouse
    Tab, the arrow keys, space bar, and Enter can be used to switch between selections
    of an active window
    Alt + Tab will switch between windows
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