SATA DVD-RW not a burnable device under WinXP

Dell XPS 410, stock HW configuration, original owner .... all of a sudden I cannot record DVD disks on my DVD drive model DH-16W1S but it will burn CD correctly.

Device shows up in BIOS and in XP devices correctly
I can read all DVD and CD disks fine, no errors.
I can burn CD disks correctly
All DVD writing software programs hang up or do not write to disk

Removed and reinstalled drivers
Ran MS Mr Fixit, tells me both CDRW and DVDRW drives are not writeable and to replace them
Tried all the MS "fixes" I could find related to registry and SW issues
Purchased a used DVDRW that is the exact make and model, replaced and still have same issue
Blew away the entire OS and reinstalled fresh from factory
Downloaded various other DVD writer SW and they all have same issue.

Help ..........
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  1. Thanks for the reply but that was the first thing I tried. Actually, after yet more troubleshooting I discovered that even though windows says that the drive is not writeable I can write to a borrowed DVD-RW. I was trying to use Dynex media, and after I researched that item more I think it is just old junk and the drive does not like it even though I burned about 6 discs with it about 2 years ago. I am going to buy some new stuff from a more reputable company and see if it works better. It's a bummer I killed the OS but maybe it was time for a fresh install anyway.
  2. since you want to do a fresh install i would look at the dvd drive to get is name and model and look witch kind of disc is support and from witch maker ,try the memorex dvd-r maybe it does not support dvd+r disc.
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