Power supply

just replaced my 375 w pws in a dell xps400.
with a rocketfish 500w from best buy, well
it is not working , pretty sure i did everything correctly. i did just plug the pws in to see if the fan would turn befroe installing it and it did not turn on.
would you agree that it is a bad unit??

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  1. hello,

    just replaced a 375w pws in a dell xps400. the new pws rocketfish pws from best buy.
    it is not working , triplw checked it seems i did everythign right.
    the old had a 24 pin while the new has a 20+4. i was not sure how
    it was supposed to be but i tried to plug it in it seemed that it only fit
    one way.

    any suggestions?

  2. What about the 4 pin 12v connector? I would reseat the 24 pin and 4 pin connectors, and check for a switch on the back of the ps. Maybe you just need to flip it.
  3. That possible that you got a bad unit (DOA), RMA it to get replacement...
    Next time, do not cheap out on PSU, it's the most important thing inside your PC... :)
  4. ^+1
    BTW, double post.
  5. I don't agree that you have proven the psu is bad. Is the Dell psu a standard ATX psu? Did you plug in everything to the new psu?

    In any case, before going further, rocket that fish back to Best Buy and get a known high-quality psu. Then install it properly before turning it on.
  6. the actually the new rocketfish 500w PSU is not half bad. the cpu and mobo power where both plugged in?
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    New pws
  8. thanks,

    thank you for all the replies. yes the dell xps 400 uses standard atx pws,
    researched that before i purchased the pws. i went in again and checked
    all connections--i am no expert but i have done this before, the switch has been flipped. the rocketfish is reported to have blue lights on it --
    which i do not care about since i do not have a clear case but when plugged in
    ther are no blue lights anywhere.

    since i am returning the pws today. any suggestions on a Good
    Power Supply????

    thanks again,
  9. Choose trusted brand like COrsair, Antec, OCZ, Seasonic, PCP&C, SilverStone with 450W-500W for ANY single graphic card...
    Yes, they're "expensive", but you get a quality product.
  10. From the OP's statement "i did just plug the pws in to see if the fan would turn befroe installing it and it did not turn on." tells me that the power supply actually requires a load before it will power up. Just connect an HDD to one of the power connectors to provide a load before testing if the power supply works otherwise you haven't tested or proven anything other than that the power supply didn't turn on.
  11. hello,

    thanks again for all the responses, but i did have it fully installed (with laod) and it still would not turn on.

    i had a friend come and he came confirmed that the pws was indeed DOA.

    i exchanged the unit and installed that and it is in and working fine( blue lights and all)

    this computer is on the way ou anyway, i am building a brand new one in a couple of months,
    and i doubt i will use a rocketfish pws, just becasue of the hassle with this one.

    thanks again,
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