Alienware AW2210 vs. Dell Ultrasharp U2311H

I dont know much about monitors especially ISP vs TN panels. I'm looking for opinions and recommendations for an occasional gamer looking for a top notch monitor.


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  1. Another forum here has sort of covered that:

    I would personally go with IPS because of the better color and viewing angles, but if cost is the limiting factor, anything really will work. I had the Dell ST2310 which looked very nice, but it has a matte screen to reduce glare, so colors don't look like they do on glossy monitors and may not fit your preferences.
  2. I would personally get the dell.

    Another option to consider is a 120hz monitor.
  3. I think I'm going to go with the Dell IPS. The only thing that bugs me is the Response time is 8ms.

    I think its a great looking monitor though, and its fully adjustable. Which is something that I want.
  4. The following article may not be definitive, but it seems well-researched. It leads me to believe that most response time claims don't matter too much.,0
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