Gtx 460 1GB


I'm interested in upgrading my crap stock 9600gs that I got with this hp computer (It has 60c during idle, and 80 in game)

I like the looks of these two (Only Buying One!):

What I'd like to know is what type of PSU would I need to use these GPUs, and can my current, Antec 600w PSU with 2 18a rails work with either? Also, which one of the video cards performs better?

I'm also in need of a case, cooler master scout caught my eye. My overall budget is 350$ with shipping / before mail in rebates
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  1. Sucks that last week the Palit Sonic 1gb was on sale 10% off ($206)

    You're PSU will be fine, these 460s run easy on power and low on temps

    The best in my opinion is the 1gb MSI cyclone. If you google some benchmarks, it runs 10degrees cooler than most other 460s. That's huge! Plus it was able to overclock very far - I saw some running it at 900core, 4200 memory. MSI includes their OC programs as well - They're $5 more than the ones you listed (235 on newegg), WELL worth $5bucks to have your video card run 10degrees Celcius cooler for the next 2 years
  2. Alright thanks. I really just thought the palit card looked cute, so :3. Anyways, so your saying I can have 2 12a rails (dual 6-pin) and still meet the required 24a? I got confused when reading the specifications on newegg since its hard to find psus with 24a on one rail :/
  3. Your power supply can easily handle the card. Definitely go for the Gigabyte card. The difference in customer reviews between the two speaks for itself but specifically the cooler on the Palit card gets rather poor reviews both for effectiveness and noise while the one on the Gigabyte card gets high marks in both of those.
  4. Actually get this;
    It must have just been put on the site. The DirectCU cards are always great. I was going to back up low rider about the Cyclone but this should be better and it is $5 cheaper as well.
  5. I love my Storm Scout. It's kinda small, but "small" is relative here considering what i'm squeezing into it. It's really well built, has great cooling, and is really easy to work with. I would recommend it for sure.
  6. I'll go with Gigabyte's since free shipping and pre-oc'd got my attention. Now, all I need is a PSU around 40 dollars since that's all the money I got left ;.;
  7. jyjjy said:
    This one for $50 would be a good choice;

    I found two combos, lets just hope they're not gone by sunday morning (When I'll be back in the USA)

    One modular and one isn't, but for the price I can't complain!

    I have a question on the scout case.

    Does any dust enter through the window openings? Because I was thinking of buying a cheap pair of dust filters w/ fan if so.
  8. Why would you need to be in the US to order online?
    Go for the OCZ PSU. Cooler Master makes some nice cases but they don't have a good reputation for power supplies. Plus the OCZ is $12 cheaper before the rebate and $32 after and it's modular.
    If you can actually order now this would be a good alternative to that case;
    With the promo code it is $5 more but it is worth it IMO and there's a $20 rebate.
  9. Sadly, I'll be back in the us on sunday which is when I'll order th stuff :(
  10. The site is online, why would it matter where you order from?
  11. I'm working up north for the summer and my paycheck arrives Saturday.
  12. Ah, one day too late for that promo code. O well, there are always new deals though so who knows what will be a good deal on the weekend.
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