Accessing files over the internet with Windows Server 2003

I am running Windows Server 2003 Standard, and I was wondering the best way to allow myself to access my files over the internet. Does anyone know of a good, generally easy way to do so. Not big on spending money, so the more free ways the better haha.

Thankkssss :D
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  1. SMB (if not blocked by ISP, and not too secure), FTP (not very secure either), sFTP (more secure), HTTP, Remote Desktop, VNC, or a VPN.

    I'd use Remote Desktop; it ships with Server 2003 and you do not need a Terminal Server License for the main Administrator Account. IF you want a VPN Hamachi is free for non-business customers, but using Server 2003, even at home, might need a paid version since it's considered a business class o/s.

  2. Ok, I set up FTP, with a username and password etc. But how do I get it so that I can access it at like, school or something? I notice I am using a local IP address, so it won't work at school obviously.
  3. ohh you're behind a firewall. Do you have admin to the firewall/router?

    If it's a SOHO router, like a WiFi router, it is as simple as forwarding a port or putting your Win2K server in the DMZ (dmz not recommended). If it's something like a Cisco PIX, I cannot help, sorry.
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