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I recently bought an XFX Radeon HD5770 GPU to replace my old Geforce 7800GT but have had nothing but problems since I got it. Before I put it in my computer, I deleted all the old drivers and used driver sweeper in safe mode but I got the following problems:

- Catalyst installer crashes when scanning my hardware prior to software installation (doesnt matter what version i use) so can't install drivers etc

-5770 doesn't show up in dixdiag/device manager/bios etc

-To get around this I manually selected the .inf file in device manager to force driver to install

-Worked fine for 1 day (could play Fallout 3 maxed out) then screen started freezing for ~2secs every 5 mins and then refreshes. After ~30mins of this, the 5770 drivers uninstall and don't show in dxdiag :/. Main driver is then displayed as vga.dll

-Decided to format HD and reinstall windows to see if this would help but now there is no display on monitor when the 5770 is inserted (currently using my old card)

I have no idea what's going on and would be extremely grateful if anyone could offer some advice/suggestions.

My system stats are:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+ @ 5700mhz
Gigabyte M55s-S3 Rev 2.0 motherboard
4GB Crucial DDR2 RAM
Magna ATX 500W PSU - 17amps on 12v rail
Windows XP Operating system

Thanks very much for any help
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  1. Are you able to get into safemode and use driversweeper to remove the drivers? What drivers are you installing currently? 10.7 came out but I haven't updated my system yet and, for me 10.6 really messed my cards up. I'm using 10.5 and they're working fine for me in xfire mode with xfx 5770s. I'm kind of leaning towards the card being the main problem though as you've reformatted the hd. try using driversweeper to remove the old files and start with 10.5 drivers. see if that helps. if not, you might have to rma that badboy.
  2. I would say the card as well, my first 5770 was XFX as well. And I had the same problem you're having, after 2 weeks of fruitless effort trying to get the card to work (even formatting), I RMA'd and got a replacement XFX card and it worked as soon as i plugged it in. Since, i've gotten a 2nd and running in crossfire. As to what Strange said, 10.6 screwed my cards up as well, I'm using 10.4, and running great.
  3. Thanks for the advice.

    I'm able to get into safe mode and have tried using driversweeper to remove the drivers but still got the same problem on reboot. I tried 10.6 and then 10.7 later. I think i'll mess around with my computer for the next couple of days trying to get the card to work and if not, i'll RMA it.

    Thanks again
  4. Let us know how the new card works if rma'ing it is what you decide to do. The only other thing I'm thinking it might be is a lack of power. I think the recommended is 450w and at 500w with your overclock, you could be cutting it close in terms of wattage. Can you revert your oc back to stock and see how things go? This is my same dilemma. I've got a 600w psu, and 2 5770s and if I oc both my cpu and gpus i become unstable. Someone suggested I might be cutting it too close in terms of wattage, which is why i'm looking for another psu.

    Edit: Of course my symptoms are different than yours and my system runs fine when everything is at stock settings.
  5. I finally got the 5770 to be detected and installed by my computer. For anyone having similar problems I had to format my computer (again) with my old card installed. I then had to flash the BIOS before installing any chipset drivers etc, put in the 5770 and then install CCC which finally detected my card.

    Everything was working perfectly for a while...The next day I booted up my computer and kept getting the error message "VPU recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands" while my computer was idling. No idea what's causing the problem this time...not sure whether it's my 500W PSU or just the card itself. Getting really frustrated with this card now :(

    Anyone had this problem before?

    Thanks again
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