Weird Thing With IDE and ACHI

Hi all.
I have a Crosshair IV Extreme MB. My system has originally had an OCZ Vertex 2 180gb SSD (3 gb/s), along with a Seagate 1.5 TB (3 gb/s) HD and a WD 1.5 TB (6 gb/s) HD. Yesterday, I unplugged all drives and peripherals (except usb mouse and ps2 keyboard) and installed an OCZ Vertex 4 256gb SSD (6gb/s). I installed Windows 7 on the Vertex 4, powered down the PC and reconnected the other drives. Everything fired up fine in Windows and was recognized and all. I did notice in the BIOS, btw, that all 4 drives showed up as SATA drives and AHCI was enabled (the same as it did with the original 3 drives when I first installed them about a year or so ago). After doing a little reading online and refreshing my memory on tips to make SSD's perform better in Windows, I saw something that made me think. It was regarding having the system drive (in my case the Vertex 4) in SATA port 1. Then after some more checking I realized that ports 1-6 were the SATA 3, 6.0 gb/s ports and 7-8 were the SATA 2, 3.0 gb/s ports. I checked and sure enough, I had the cables plugged in just willy-nilly. Also, I realized that both my Vertex 4 and my WD were both connected with SATA 2, 3 gb/s cables, and my other two drives (the 3 gb/s ones) were connected with the black/white high speed 6 gb/s cables. Everything just bass ackwards. So I unplugged all drives, connected the high speed cables into the high speed drives (Vertex 4 and WD), the lower speed cables into the lower speed drives (Vertex 2 and Seagate), connected the Vertex 4 into port 1, the WD into Port 2, the Vertex 2 into port 3, the Seagate into port 4, 2 DVD/CD-Roms into ports 5 and 6 and an esata cable into port 7. I cranked it back up and went into the BIOS. Now this is where it gets weird, at least to me, because I'm pretty much a noob, but all 4 drives show up under BOOT SETTINGS/HARD DRIVES as IDE instead of SATA, and AHCI is enabled on all ports (1-6) in the STORAGE CONFIGURATION menu. Also, in the BIOS under Storage Configuration, there's a statement that says to set SB850 SATA speed to [SATA 3.0 Gb/s] to support SATA 3.0Gb/s HDD's with Max. speed of 3.0Gb/s or [SATA 6.0Gb/s) to support SATA 6.0Gb/s HDD's with Max. speed at 6.0Gb/s. So I enabled it to 6.0 gb/s. Saved the changes and let it reboot back into Windows. When Windows came up, it said it needed to reboot for the changes to take effect. I thought maybe the "changes" would be the BIOS showing the drives as SATA now, but no, all 4 drives still show up as IDE instead of SATA. Also, since then, I've heard a crackle-pop sound and it's kicked off and rebooted itself. That's happened twice (so far). Also, while trying to install a couple of programs, nothing happens. I hit OK to install and the dialog box goes away and nothing else happens. I was able to install several other programs just fine, but those other couple of times that it didn't, have me kinda worried. Especially along with the popping and rebooting. I did notice my two (+ and -) power LED wires had slipped off the MB and I reconnected them after the last time it rebooted itself, and it hasn't rebooted again since then (about 30 minutes ago). And I'm currently typing this w/o anything weird happening (except I had SpyBot doing a scan, and when it finished, I clicked on "Delete All", but the program froze up).

Anyway, sorry about the long post, but I wanted to lay out everything that's happened so that you tech savvy ones out there may be able to shed some light on this. Is there anyway I can change the drives to show up as SATA instead of IDE in the BIOS? Is it necessary? My only choices in Storage Configuration are: IDE, RAID or AHCI. All drives are AHCI, but I don't understand why, under Hard Drives in the Boot Settings menu, all show to be IDE instead of SATA.

Any help sure would be appreciated.
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  1. Want to try that again with some sentence structure and a line break or two so it's readable? Wall of text barely describes that post.
  2. Just the facts, ma'am. Anybody remember Dragnet's Sgt. Joe Friday?
  3. Sorry, It's getting to the point where I can hardly think. Have been up all night trying to get this thing figured out. I ended up installing the OS 3 times.

    In a nutshell, is there any way to change the drives from IDE to SATA in the BIOS? Most of the threads I read last night talked about choosing between IDE and AHCI. But that's not my problem. Mine are set up in BIOS as AHCI, but under Boot Device (and Storage Configuration as well) their listed as being IDE drives. Before installing the new SSD last night, my other SSD (Vertex 2) was always listed as a SATA drive and was set to AHCI. However, this new SSD, as well as the old SSD and the 2 SATA HDD's, are all listed as being IDE drives and set to AHCI.

    I just want to have the drives show up in the BIOS as SATA drives and set to AHCI. I hope I'm making sense of what I'm trying to get across. So tired, I can't see straight.

    Thanks for your patience and advice.
  4. Most SSDs are SATA. SATA is a subset of IDE and in some BIOS shows up as IDE. But you want your high speed ports set AHCI, not SATA or IDE. I'd set that up in the bios and re-install windows on your SSD all by itself. Then put the other drives back in and you should be fine.
  5. Thanks for the reply!
    Yeah, I did that 3 times last night, actually. I unplugged all drives except the new one, reinstalled the OS, then hooked the others back up. But the BIOS shows all drives as IDE. Guess I shouldn't worry, based on what you're saying since the BIOS shows them all as being set to AHCI. Windows seems to running great now and I've had it running all night and today. Was just worried about the fact that they show up as being IDE when they're all connected to SATA ports.
  6. No problem. I think you're right, it's just the way the BIOS shows them as IDE that is confusing. They are SATA and the ones on the high speed SATA are AHCI. That's all that matters.
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