BIOS won't read any hard drives


My computer will not read any SATA hard drives. It will read the optical drive fine, but not the hard drives.

Everything was fine until I got a new hard drive. I was running an old 300gb and a new 60gb solid state. Then I got a new hitachi 1.5tb. I plugged it in and it would not read the new drive but also would not read the older 300gb. the 60gb solid state still read fine. I was running this setup ok for a few days but the system became increasingly unstable. Lots of freezing when trying to fullscreen Hulu videos (only thing that froze it, weird I know). Then I got a blue screen and it would not read any hard drives at all. But it would still read the optical drive. All drives are SATA.

I figured the power supply had had it. It was the oldest component of the computer by far and was just a 600W powering 2 video cards, 3 hard drives and 7 or 8 case fans. I just got a new 850w today and the problem persists. I have also had "dual post" issues off and on during all this (since getting the new drive) where it powers on, immediately shuts off, and then boots back up a few seconds later.

I've tried all combinations of cables both power and SATA to different connections on the motherboard etc. Tried just the solid state. Tried just the older 300gb drive. Brand new power supply. blck/pcie set to 100mhz. Just flashed newest BIOS and that seems to have stopped the double posting but it was sporadic anyway so let's not bet on that.

Asus p8p67 rev 3.0 (not pro or deluxe just regular)
core i5 2500K
gskill 8gigs
2x 5770 cards
ocz solid state 60gb
some old 300gb
hitachi 1.5tb
new corsair hx850 power supply

Can't seem to reason this one out. New hard drive causes all kinds of serious system failures. Pull the drive and problems persist. All 3 drives do work for sure, have been tested.

Any ideas? About to bite the bullet on a new motherboard =/

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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  1. Just guessing, the sata controller maybe kaput. I would still try (easy) with one instead of 2 5770, thinking of the video. If that makes a difference, maybe something is out on the pci. Don't believe it is really connected but see for my troubles with pci-e - win7
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