BIOS update fail ! What can I do ?

Hey guys, my motherboard Maximus formulas is not booting up anymore... This appened just when I tried to flash the BIOS with Asus update utility for the first time: It didn't like it. In fact I saw the blue screen Fatal error while the update utility was flashing the BIOS and then nothing... Now, all my computer does is 2 beeps and 5 beeps when I turn it on. Is this fixable or I should buy another motherboard ?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts
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  1. You can reset your bios by removing the CMOS battery or shorting it out. You should refer to your manual for this, but it will probably tell you to set the jumper on pin 2 and 3. That's how I restart my bios. Your manual may tell you to also remove the CMOS battery for a set period of time. You should follow along if it does advise that because you may want to completely reset your motherboard.
  2. You might have corrupted your bios chip to the point of having to order a new chip from Asus. I know this cause I have done it before. The rom chip is socketed and cost about 20 bucks. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for your help guys !
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