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I have an Antec P160 case and an Asus K8V SE Deluxe motherboard. When removing an old power supply I inadvertently removed the front panel sound connectors from the motherboard. They are one of the few things I don't like about the case - they are extremely difficult to attach because they are separated individually and have very little lead wire for each pin. There are 7 wires that have to attach to a 10 pin connector. You can get one on, but when you go to add the next there's not enough wire to maneuver it and the first one comes off. I remember the first time around it took me HOURS and now I don't know how I ever managed to do it.

I am wondering - can someone point me to an extender or something where it would be easier to attach the single wires, and then just push the extender onto the connector on the motherboard? I've done some searching but all I've found are cables. I'm thinking it needs to be a solid one-piece something or other.

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  1. You could try the USB cable extender as suggested in this thread:

    Follow the link in the first post to the actual product.

    Or you could try a pair of tweezers or (jeweler-size) needle-nose pliers to put the connectors in place.
  2. Twoboxer,

    Thanks. Yeah - this turned up in my search but it's a cable. I'm looking for a solid one-piece type of extender.
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    I edited the above post to talk about tweezers and pliers.

    My guess is that no one thought anyone would make a case where the FP audio connector wouldn't be one-piece with long enough wires to reach what is *always* the furthest point from the fornt panel lol.
  4. Twoboxer,

    I had tried pliers and had the same problem - there's not enough wire to maneuver the individuals. What adds to the difficulty is the connector is right against a slot. I had thought of trying to keep them in formation with masking tape, but even if it works, on the one side there won't be any chance of removing the tape - maybe that'll have to be it. I'm still experimenting with the idea. In the meantime I just put it back in operation without the sound.

    I read a number of reviews on this case and no one mentioned this problem. Maybe they had a different motherboard or no one wanted to use the audio.

    I think you're telling me what I had in mind doesn't exist. If that is the case, then I'll close this with yours as the answer. Thanks for your ideas.
  5. One last thing you can do . . . go to Radio Shack and buy some solid core (bell) wire. One at a time, cut each wire from the front panel to one of those connectors about 3 inches from the connector. Strip each end and splice in some new wire. Wrap each splice joint with a bit of black electrical tape.

    There's nothing magical about those wires, and you can easily do this if its a recurring issue for you.

    Sorry couldn't be of more help.
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