Mini WIFI Wirless-N with a Speedtouch (old 2006) router


I recently installed a mini WIFI dongle. Works great on BT home hub, and lots of other routers. Connected it to my speedtouch....ground to halt. It connect, shows internet available (using Windows 7 gives me the "internet access" status). But whenever I try to visit a website, it locates the address, validates it, gets the favicon...but no content as the bandwidth is non existent...before an eventual timeout.

Even windows reports updates available there are outgoing connections....but even tryina simple download or visiting a website fails...


Old router using wirless-g clashing with my wirless-n mini dongle?

The DNS (whatever this is) has been set to the default 192.168 etc etc
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  1. There are problems between older wireless g devices and wireless n -- both n and g routers and n and g adapters.

    Symptoms I've observed range from complete failure to detect the router's signal -- to apparently connecting successfully and then losing connection at 5 seconds intervals.

    However you should check the router's setup screens and make sure the router is set as a Domain Name Server.

    Also check the computer's TCP/IP Properties.

    Start, Connect To, Connection, Properties, Scroll Down TCP/IP and highlight, click Properties and check that Obtain DNS and IP address automatically are enabled.
  2. Hi. The DNS has been set to the DNS of the router (which is the default one starting 192.168.X.XXX). I chagned this under TCP/IP 4. Not sure what this is, just knew I had to change it. My laptop connects to the router ok using the same settings.

    The new mini dongle holds the connection, I just get no bandwidth...zilch. So strange that it finds web addresses, validates them..even gets the favicon...then stalls til failure.

    So frustrating having new PC that I cant connect! I even used TCP optimizer (which only made things worse...wouldnt even connect to the Wifi so i reset to default).

    Thoughts? If you search mini USB wifi dongle on ebay its one of the 1T1R ones...about £12 a pop.

    Drivers wrong maybe? It automatically installed itself...

    But does work on some routers
  3. Normally with USB you have to load the driver before attaching the USB. If you've let Windows supply a generic driver it may not work.

    Uninstall the dongle in Device Manager and run the install CD (or download a driver for the chipset it uses).
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