Windows 7 booting help.

Hello everyone.

I have a small problem with my self built machine. However it doesn't happen all of the time. When I boot the machine, the "Windows is starting up" screen appears. After this, the screen sometimes goes black, and it then seems that Windows is trying to boot the next screen but can't, as it keeps display the "No signal" screen on my monitor, and then going black again. It then repeats itself.

In the end I have to close the machine down and reboot. It usually works when doing this.

Any idea what is the problem? And a fix for it?


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  1. Is it a new clean install?
  2. Post your system info too.
  3. Yes it's a clean install, and what do you mean by system information? Hardware? If so:

    AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
    8GB (2x4GB) Ripjaw Memory Modules
    GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3 Motherboard
    520GB Western Digital Hard Drive
    Windows 7 Professional
  4. When screen goes black for a few times it is normal, but if you see "No signal" screen the problem can be in your graphic card. I have almost similar problem, and in few weeks of work my card was dead. What graphic card do you have? But if the problem is in Windows, try to search for answer here.
  5. No I have not OC'd. And my Graphics Card is a Geforce 9600 GT. Pretty bad i know :)
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