Sabertooth p67 capacitors

Hi guys, got a Sabertooth p67 mobo from B&H. The capacitors around CPU socket are not lining straight (you can see it from pics).

Does it matter or cause problem or indicate those are bad capacitors?

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  1. It should not be a problem. I have had a few new board with the same thing and they boot and work just fine..
  2. wow thx man, you replied so quick. btw are you able to see the image i uploaded ?
    this is my first tread on Tom's hardware.
  3. Means nothing and nothing to worry about.

    edit: noted your duplicate post...
  4. Thanks man !! you made a lot of effort to reply people, I appreciate. :)
  5. This is the first time I wrote tread on forum, so I tried 2 different way to upload pics to see how it works.

    I will be careful of not reposting same questions !!

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    What more can I say? When the machine popped them in and the board rolled over the soldering they got locked-in crooked. It's very common for the capacitors due to their design not to be 90-degrees up on all axis. Son't 'align' them otherwise I guarantee you'll damage them. --- sound better?
  7. Thx Jaquith. will take your advice
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