CPU Overclocking on a different motherboard

my motherboard doesnt have an option for overclocking. asus p5sd2-vm,
and my proc is intel dualcore e2200.. 2.2Ghz.. i would like to oc it to 2.5Ghz or 3.0.
so i was wondering.. what if ill overclock it on a friends pc.. then return it to my pc.
will the clock change? or.. would it just stay overclocked on the motherboard i used to oc it?

well i did search for a software to oc my proc.. but it didnt work.
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  1. I wouldn't touch it to try it on your friend's motherboard. Handle your pc components as little as possible. Trying it on his board won't accomplish much, unless he wants to sell it to you. Electronic components are sensitive to esd (static discharge), and should only be removed for replacement. If it works on your board, forget about overclocking. The performance difference is only a few frames per second, not worth the risk of damaging the cpu or pins in the socket.
  2. ^^^ done.

    The overclock isn't saved on your CPU so no that wouldn't work.
    Get a new board if you want to overclock.
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