Please suggest a premium backup device

Hi all.

I set up a good Synology NAS device - works well.
The problem is the non-RAID backup device to backup the NAS.
What I use now is just a dumb external hard-drive - with a ON/OFF switch.

What I want to do is keep the NAS running 24/7 and keep the backup device running 24/7.
For this to work, the non-RAID backup device needs some kind of power management so it (low watt as possible) sleeping most of the time. Then just wakes up long enough for the NAS to perform a FULL backup once a week.

I COULD simply manually turn on and off the dumb backup device once a week, but I'll rather not need to think about it.

Any ideas?
Merry Xmas
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  1. No posts??

    Surprised, all companies have some way of backing up a server.
    I personally worked for companies that backup to tape, but I hate tape.
    Just looking for a simple automated hard-drive solution.

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