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Have a dell dimension E520 PC randomly reboots. Tested memory by running each of 4 1gig memory sticks in #1 slot by its self, problem eliminated all 4 times. Tried running Each pair of mem in #1 & #3 slots (the white slots) and problem persists. Also tried each pair in # 2 and 4 slots (the black slots) only but machine wont boot(don't know if that is normal). I assume the Mem sticks are all good since machine works fine with any of the 4 sticks running by its self in slot #1. Seems the problem only persists when the #2 slot is occupied. Can this be caused by bad PSU or is it more likely something else like MoBo issue. Please Help.
Thanks Phil Doe
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  1. Could be the board or power supply. I would try another ps first before contacting dell. Even if they had your board, it would be too expensive to order from them. Better to check craigslist or ebay.
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