Why is my hard drive always running out of space?

So I have this 500 GB hard drive , which is split into C drive (99.9 GB) and D drive (365GB). Currently my C drive only has about 5MB free of space and my D drive about 20GB free of space. I have been deleting all my Temp files, and although it has freed up about 2-3 GB of space in my C drive, the space keeps decreasing back to just a few MB left. After deleting a system restore file in my D drive, the space left in D drive was 100+GB but it suddenly goes back to 20+GB again. I have been downloading music but I am sure they don't take up to half a GB of space. Help? (BTW, 2 other people use this computer)
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  1. Well I would check your and the others download folder. Uninstall any games or apps you are not using. Having 3 people using having there own profiles = 3 download folders than can fill up pretty fast if they are downloading alot.
  2. I have checked their download folders and they are almost empty.
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    I like a free utility called WinDirStat. Scans every file and folder and shows the size of each. It even has cool graphical representation and sorts your most used file types.

    Run it and see what you find.
  4. Thanks twelve25, the utility you suggested has helped me free up another 10GB of space in my C drive.
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