I need your help for my new build, please...

I need your precious help.
I'm starting a new build almost exclusively for a Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 use.
I'm going to use a Antec Three Hundred case, Corsair HX750 power supply and my actual HP LP2275w monitor. I don't game. I would like to have a configuration that would last for about 4 or 5 years.
After some research, in order to put me up to date with today's choices, I found myself in a big dilema:

Should I go for a i7 870/P7P55D-E PRO/8GB or i7 930/P6X58D-E/12GB ???

The price for each CPU/Motherboard configurations is almost the same. In the first configuration CPU will cost more and Motherboard will cost less and in the second configuration it's just the opposite. Of course the RAM price won't be the same (8GB vs. 12GB) but I am prepared for that.
I would very much appreciate your advise.
Best regards,
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More about build please
  1. If it was me I would go with the i7 870. You see diminishing returns going beyond 4GB for even the most intensive tasks so I definitely wouldn't get 12GB.
  2. CS5+lightroom like ram and cores. IMO an AMD x6 build would be hard to beat from a price/performance standpoint. Are you resuing that case/PSU? What's your budget?
  3. Before loading up on RAM, read this article that looks at the performance increase gained from going up to 8GB from 4GB, which includes Photoshop performance in its tests. It doesn' t quite convince me not to get 8GB, but it does convince me that 12 wouldn't be worthwhile.

  4. thanks for the tips.
    Photoshop is indeed a RAM eater but maybe i need to be more realistic.

    so it seems i should go 1156.

    and about the power supply i intend to buy, a Corsair HX750, does any of you have one? is it quiet? i would like a powerfull one, thinking about the future, but a low noise one as well.

  5. sorry for keeping asking for help but, about the GPU, for those Photoshop/Lightroom needs, should i go for a generic one like HD5770 or something more specific like FirePro?
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