Hey everyone,

OK, so I've decided to take the plunge and build myself a new machine based on the i7 processor.

But, I'm not really a hardware guy, so maybe someone can suggest components like mobo and ram.

I do have a number of must haves for this new machine;

Video card MUST be fast with lots of memoryand have dvi and hdmi out.
Capture card is mostly to convert old mediums to digital, so 720p is good, but of course if i can get better, like ability to capture to blu-ray, I'll look at that.

I'm going to be doing pro end photos on this machine and am also shooting video with my Nikon DSLR

I'm running photoshop cs5 master collection and like the premiere pro 64 bit video editor.

Of course everything has to be 64 bit. any video / audio cards should be native 64 bit (if that even exists)

Did I say that I'm not a hardware guy? Hmm, does it show :) ?

Oh, one last thing which is very important. RAID. I want to get at least five 1.5 tb for a raid storage. I've got thousands of 15mb or larger RAW file which I access often with adobe bridge. Not to mention the videos that are starting to add up (MOV 1080p) format)

Ok, I hope I've given enough basic info to get some input from this forum.


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  1. - ATI FirePro™ V9800 Professional Graphics
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  2. Thanks henydiah. What is your opinion of Black Magic products. I work in TV and our editing dept has just installed a Black Magic card to capture and edit SDI video.
  3. Yeah .. This is very good for capture hdmi, dvi etc same as other product from matrox , pinacle very very fast, and this just for capture :D
    very very different with mine just Firewire card for capture .
    For rendering still use vga profesional + CPU like above. Sorry I'm not expert about this.
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