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Windows 7 will not recognize my older belkin fd7050 wireless g adapter

I first setup my lan with my windows xp desktop, my dual boot windows vista / ubuntu linux acer laptop, and my wife's windows 7 HP desktop (was vista new then HP supplied upgrade disk). The HP also dual boots Ubuntu linux.

I used a belkin wireless g router attached to my cable modem, 2 old Belkin fd7050 wireless g adapters - 1 each on my desktop and my wife's desktop, the laptop has its own wireless adapter. This WAS my WAN.

Then my desktop crashed and I am using the laptop. This NOW my WAN. Worked okay till I crashed my wife's desktop and had to re-install the Windows 7 update disk.

The problem: On my wife's desktop: Windows 7 can no longer see the wireless adapter and wants me to plug in to the wired adapter. I can not locate the old driver for the wireless adapter and the factory ones worked with the original XP inall and 7 upgrade but will not work for Windows 7. We dual boot linux on the wife's desktop also and wireless works fine.

Problem: I cannot force windows to see the wireless adapter on the HP - linux boot has internet - windows boot does not.
Do I have to get a newer wireless adapter or is there a way to force windows 7 to see an older wireless adapter?

Sorry I made this so complex - best way I knew to explain problem...
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  1. info from saved windows.old folder allowed me to research sytem32/driverstore/repository and locate the working driver that was previously installed.
    made old belkin ver 1 adapter work on win 7 64 bit.
    was atheros athrxusb.sys driver that was in use in 2009.
    Still works.
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    Are you in need of anymore help?

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