3 monitors gaming ~ 2 gtx 275's


I am wondering if I want 3 monitors for gaming and the game supports it like the upcoming FFXIV can I do this off my x2 Nvidia GTX 275 cards and how do I need to set it up


Do I have to buy something like Triplehead2Go.

I read on another thread you just have to Sli your 2 cards then hook the 3rd monitor to the 2nd card? I want this:

but I don't want to have to spend the cash on Triplehead2go if I don't have to.

thank you.
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  1. I think that what you're talking about is NVIDIA surround.That works only with the GTX 480/470 in SLI with 120 Hz LCDs.
  2. you can do 3 monitors with my 2- 275 cards but from what I keep reading it seems only with a triplehead2go. Nvidia has the 3D solution for 3 monitors now but I don't care about 3D.
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    Not quite Tamz. Remember that you are dealing with Nvidia here, so the naming will be off. Nvidia Surround is the Nvidia Equivalent of Eyefinity. 3D Surround is the same thing, but in 3D. Here is a good article on this tech.
  4. ah thank you for that link. Funny how they try to market that solution for the 400 series cards for sales.. yet clearly you can use it on many others like mine. ty again.

    huh it says though: GTX 200 do not support 3-Way or Quad SLI
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  6. You still have normal SLI. Just make sure you have win7 as it doesn't work with vista or XP.
  7. Oh yes, my mistake.But Nvidia did say that they will enable Surround on the GTX 2xx series with a driver update.
  8. actually they have the driver available already for the 200 series and others but 3 way SLI is not yet supported for the 200 cards but a driver will be released for that.

    I am curious as to what would be better for my x2 275's. The 2D surround option from Nvidia or the Triplehead2Go. Triple2go will do support the following for my cards:

    The Nvidia 3D option I could care less about but you can get it in 2D

    I found the system requirements for Nvidia Surround below which includes 2D and 3D and all gpu's:

    So like I said it's just a matter of which will provide me better results across 3 screens gaming the 2D option or the 2Go Digital edition. Obviously the Nvidia option money wise is a no brainer unless you do the 3D.
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