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I want work VMWARE and use oracle under VMWARE.
Which CPU is suitable for me core i7 or i5
and which motherboard and ram need for this work.

I have Asus P5Q and E8400 and Corssair 4GB MX2 800MHz.

I want now if I change my platform for virtual working I get very better performance?

I'm programmer under Visual Studio 2010.
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  1. Either will work fine.

    + I assume you understand the differences between the various processors (CPU).

    + I recommend looking at 8GB of RAM if you want decent virtualization performance.

    The performance for virtualization is very RAM heavy, even when 'tweaked to perfection'.

    You will need to upgrade to DDR3 to transition to any Core i# CPU from Intel.

    Look at motherboards sporting any of the following Intel chipets from Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and the usual manufacturers/vendors.

    H55, H57, P55, Q57
    X58 if you are looking at a processor with Triple-Channel memory.

    Double check using that your new processor sports the latest Virtualization Acceleration technologies. (VT-x, etc). It's changed since the E8400 days.

    Feel free to ask any questions, your English is a little broken and that appears to have turned some people off answering.

    I hope this has been helpful.

    PS: If need be I know some people that might be able to assist in translation for more complex questions.
  2. If you require a CPU that supports AES-NI that will several limit your options.

    - Which will also narrow it down, something that might be desirable after all...

    I believe the processors in question use Socket H, which is LGA1156.

    Some of the Intel Core i7 processors, one of the series I think 900 series which was retrospectively named, use LGA1366 though.

    If in doubt check Wikipedia.

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