Pci-e compatability for a new card with old mobo

i have an old system which isn't too great but the biggest setback in it is my graphics card
my system is:
cpu: AMD Athlon 64*2 4200+
mobo: ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
ram: 3GB
graphics: Nvidia GForce 6600GT

so i want to upgrade my graphics card
and i thought of ATI 5000 series
but the thing is that those cards use pci-e 2.1 buss and my mobo has pci-e 1 (X16)
so i did some research and i found that the cards are supposed to be backwards compatible but there are some issues about it

so i'm asking for your help, please tell me what you think, would it be compatible?
and if it does do i have to format my computer in order to change the graphics card or bould it be enough to uninstall Nvidia drivers and install ATI drivers

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    There are some issues with pci-e 2.1 cards on pci-e 1.x motherboards.However PCI-e 2.0 cards have no issue(usually).There are some very good 5000 series cards are a replacement for the 6600 GT.
    When installing,update the motherboard bios, uninstall the nvidia drivers completely using driver sweeper, install the new card and then install the ATi drivers.
  2. ^+2
    HD5670 2.0 version is good... :)
  3. i also was thinking about that one (now after you opened my eyes)
    it would seem that only sapphire make 2.0 cards
    i am thinking about this one:

    also all of the nvidia cards are 2.0 but they have directX 10.1 vs the ATI cards that feature directx 11 which is the main reason why i prefer to buy the ATI card even though i am an nvidia person
    am i right or does it make no defrence and i should also consider nvidia cards?
  4. I never heard of problems with the 2.1 interface. That's a new one on me. However, your system won't push a GTX260/4870-1gig to it's limits. I have several 939 boards and the "primo" card for that was a 4870 512 card I once had. Seemed to work perfectly.
  5. Also, unless you use Windows Vista or 7, you would be limited to directX 9, so it wouldn't make any difference if the card supported DX10 or 11.
  6. Quote:
    Nvidia gtx 400 series support dx11.

    this is news to me. where do you get your cutting edge information. :)
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