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I am starting to do a workstation build. I am still deciding between a single or dual socket system. I am planning on spending $2000 - $3000. This build will be in lieu of a Dell Precision purchase.

I have a couple of Dell Precisions at work and am really impressed with the cases themselves. They are easy to work in, well designed, quiet, and overall are really good quality.

What cases would you recommend for a workstation? I am not looking for any frills such as a side window or LEDs. Browsing newegg hasn't yielded any clear winners. A lot of the cases are simply flashy and ugly.

I am just looking for something functional and high quality.
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  1. I would recommend the Cooler Master Stacker. I have two of the 2005 Version and they have housed many Rigs. The later ones seem to be well set up and I reckon you will be hard pressed to find such an adaptable case.

    Here is a Review that speaks well of the product

    It can even be converted to the BTX specification just like the ones I have.
  2. Antec P183 or P193 w/ the CP-850 PSU is an excellent combo.
  3. Workstation for what.? Which components have you chosen.? If you are going for a dual processor setup then you'd require a case which can fit it properly.. A case such as the Lian-Li PC A71f will adequately suit your needs and profile in that case..
  4. I haven't really decided on the components yet. I may still go with a high-end Core i7.

    Thank you everybody for the suggestions. All of these cases look pretty high quality. A quiet case is also important to me.

    The Corsair and Antec cases look very nice. Tough decisions.....
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