Video cards that can auto-disable on-board video when BIOS won't

My system BIOS does not allow the on-board video to be disabled, and it does not auto-disable when a video card is inserted into either PCI or PCIe. Inserting a video card just makes the machine not boot.

There is a rumor:

that some video cards are smart enough to disable the on-board video for you, even if it cannot normally be disabled. Any idea where I might find a list of such cards?

I'm looking to make my Dell Poweredge 2850 PCIe capable of handling three screens. I had my eye on the Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 to handle this need. How would I find out if the Sapphire has this smart turn-off feature?
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  1. The on- board graphics is automatically disabled when you add a new card.This is true for all cards.Just get into BIOS and set it to detect the graphics card as it primary video output, if auto-disable does not work.
  2. Alas, not the case with the Dell Servers. They (intentionally?) made it impossible to disable the on-board video, either automatically or with BIOS.
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