External Hard Drive no longer recognizable on any computer

I had my external hard drive (Maxtor) plugged into my computer and had been using it all day. I plugged a new printer into the computer and instantly the external hard drive quit working and Windows 8 said that the device had malfunctioned and was not recognizable. I plugged the external hard drive into another computer and got the same result. Does this mean my external hard drive is done for? Or is there something I can do to fix the problem? If it is done for is there anyway to recover my files?
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  1. It may just be the chassis. Remove the HDD from the chassis and plug it on to an internal port. That will let you know more about what you are dealing with. If it doesn't respond to the internal port then your data will need to be recovered by a professional.
  2. And what is the chassis and HDD? And which one is an internal port? :)
  3. Okay, Hard Disk Drive. Figured that one out. Chassis though?
  4. Chassis is the case it came from. If you are this uncertain you should really take it in to get it checked. You probably shouldn't be opening your PC.
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