Who Turns Their Computer Off?

Hello all! Who leaves their computer on all day? Who turns it off when they leave for work? Who turns it off when they sleep? Anything else? Thanks! :)
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  1. I turn mine off when i leave and when i go to sleep to help keep my room a bit cooler, its in my bed room at school so if i leave it on all day and the windows are closed it can get kinda warm in there with no AC, i turn it off at night because the fans make an annoying hum to try to sleep with.
  2. :lol: Good answer. Just out of curiosity, how often would you say its at "load"?
  3. depends on how much homework i get in a week, but i would say probably 3-5 hours per day during weekdays and 3-6 hours per day on weekends depending on the week.

    edit: fixed the hour numbers so it makes sense now
  4. I at least set it to sleep or hibernate, but sometimes it wakes up and due to my fan controller, the fans never turn off unless the system shuts down. I never saw a reason to leave it on forever.
  5. My HTPC and General Purpose systems are on 24/7. I like to access my home system (e-mail) while I'm at work and the HTPC is on for recording or video streaming. My test server/gamer and my laptop are only on as necessary.

    -Wolf sends
  6. I put my system into hibernate if I'll be sticking around. When I go out of town I turn it off entirely and unplug it. I can't sleep at night with it turned on. Too many lights and kinda noisy.
  7. I turn it off if it will be more than an hour, if not, I put it in "sleep"
  8. I turn it off when I am done with it.
  9. My laptops and gaming machine are on on only when I want them. My workhorse runs 24/7.
  10. I turn mine off when it's not in use. I have a smartphone that I use when the PC is off though.....damn I need internet rehab :lol: Seriously if I am not on a computer somewhere I am on my phone.
  11. my htpc and gaming rig both fold till i hit 250,000 points per month and then the gaming rig goes off when im not gaming. other then that the laptop and netbook are in sleep mode or the gf or i are on them.
  12. Now, for you guys is sleep mode that it goes to screen saver, jiggle the mouse, and your back a running, or that its actually off?
  13. i use sleep mode when not using it for the remainder of a day (like sleeping), if leaving for an extended time i shutoff (like 2+ days)

    sleep mode is suspend to ram, ie everything shuts down but the memory is kept refreshed so it doesn't lose the contents
  14. I turn it on only when I need it. I'll say 'bout 5-6 hrs a day on avg. Rest of the time, I save the planet by turning it off & saving electricity :)

    I put it on sleep mode only when I know that I'll be back within an hour or so. But I've disabled the "jiggle mouse" bit. I wake it up only through the Keyboard. As long as the "jiggle mouse" bit was active, every time my mom or I would open the drawers or search for something on the desk, the slightest of vibrations, or even a gust of wind or something would wake the PC up & that would annoy the mess outta me. The space-bar does it for me nowadays.
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