Parted Magic Secure Erase help? Lower SSD Speed

I downloaded Parted magic and did a Secure earse on my 3 ssd's.
Now before i did it on my Kingston V200+ I had in Raid 0 1.2GB read speed
After the clean i cant get passed 1gb.

As for my Corsair Force GT I cant get more than upto 400 read write, and its suppoed to be 500 and 550.

Now as i did the secure erase, the prosses from the last click to it was done took nearly a second.
And it said that it would be about 2min.
Now secure erase did clean all the information on it, but i didnt get the speed back.

Note that Im running with Raid mode, not ahci but still that shouldnt lower my speeds.
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  1. Secure erasing an SSD is a BAD idea, it leaves the SSD in a very poor state by writing to ALL flash blocks, the SSD effectively runs-out of work space.

    If the SSD supports Garbage Collection, try leaving it powered-up (and idle) over night.
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