Can graphics cards lose memory?

Hello, I have a 9800 GT and got a message dumping physical memory on a blue screen is it possible for my 512MB GDDR3 9800 GT to become a 456MB GDDR3 9800 GT? If so is there any way to recover the damaged memory?
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  1. Dumping physical memory refers to removing all the faulty files in the memory during a crash into a file on the hard disk so that they can be analyzed later to pinpoint the cause of the problem.It has got nothing to do with graphics memory, which is separate from physical memory(RAM).
  2. Dumping physical memory is more likely RAM issue...
    How many stick(s) did you have on the board?
    Try each stick individually, see which one that gives you BSOD...
  3. actually i have an old ATI X600 256mb card that now only detects as 16mb, yet is fully functional. so yes it is possible, but doesnt sound like what has happened to you.
  4. Go to BIOS and set the size of the GPU manually. In my old mobo it was called "GPU Aperture Size". Don't know what it will be named in your mobo. So check it out.
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