New system, lots of problems

Hi community,

My (fairly) new system is unpredictable and a little unstable, and I need some suave gentlemen like yourselves to help me troubleshoot it.

Video Card
CPU is an Intel i7 920
RAM (3 sticks instead of 2)

-BSODs: These happen sporadically, the file given is more often than not an ATI file of some sort, but not exclusively. These may be more frequent when/after I've changed the amount of RAM to or from 6 gigs. It's kind of hard to tell with how completely random they are. Sometimes I'm playing a game, sometimes I'll boot, go to the kitchen, come back and find it rebooting.

-Computer does not respond well to having all 3 sticks of RAM in. Sometimes it'll boot recognizing 6 gigs (and probably BSOD), sometimes it'll recognize 4 gigs, and sometimes it'll recognize 2 and run like ***.

-Fragmented Cursor: I have a dual monitor setup (1920x1080 Asus and a 1280 x 1024 Sony). Sometimes the vertical lines in the cursor will fragment and jumble. This only happens on the Asus monitor, and requires a reboot to fix. I've updated the ATI drivers a billion times, nothing changes.

-GPU Fan: Makes a fairly loud whirring noise on medium loads (maybe 25-45% fan speed). Happens on boot, over time it will go away even at those loads.

-No Disk Detected: I get this error message just before booting from the HDD. So it obviously is detected. So far it doesn't seem to mean anything, but it's odd.

I'm not a very good troubleshooter, so I appreciate any help you guys can offer.

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  1. Did you set your memory voltage, speed and timings manually? If not, the default 1.5V might be sufficient to run one or two sticks but probably not enough to keep three stable and that is likely the source of your problems. Set the voltage to 1.65V and you should be more stable.
  2. DRAM Voltage = 1.64v

    I can only increase it in increments of .02v, and when I increase it to 1.66v I get a warning message saying it could damage the processor.

    So I left it at 1.64v.

    Either way, should be ample.
  3. Because your ram is also rated to run at 1600mhz, bios might set it lower with higher timing, so make sure its running at 1600 8/8/8 or chance it accordingly if its running at 1333
  4. ram is running at 1600 mhz
    timing is 9-9-9-24

    I'll change it once it remains stable. I'm not sure if the voltage I increased was the correct one...

    There's a DRAM Bus Voltage set at 1.64v, max of 2.4v, adjustable by increments of .02v and a QPI/RAM Voltage set at 1.2v, max at 1.9v, adjustable by increments of .00625v.
  5. Shameless self bump D:
  6. Run furmark to see if its your video card, if that makes it crash it may be, if not i would run memtest overnight to make sure your memory is nice and error free.
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