External hard disk has CRC error cannot run Chkdsk.

My external hard disk has CRC error. I even cannot access the files in it is very impotant data. Help me. Chkdsk also cannot be done.
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  1. You should never store "very important data" on only one hard drive as all hard drives fail eventually, and this may have happened to your yours.

    Test the drive with "SeaTools for Windows": http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/seatools/

    If SeaTools says the drive has "failed" or has too many errors to test, I'm afraid the only way to rescue data from it is by sending it to a data-recovery service, and that is very expensive.

    You may get lucky by removing the drive and fitting it into a different enclosure if it's only the interface PCB in the enclosure which has failed.
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