Tips on applying AS5 to i7-950?

I have read the instructions on that the heatsink should be tinted and the chip should have the vertical line. Curious if that is the best method used by the pros in this forum? I am going to reapply mine - just built a system this weekend and not getting the cooling I expected (60c load on prime95, 35c idle).

i7-950 stock
Gigabyte x58A-UD3R
eVGA GTX 470
Coolermaster V8 cpu cooler
Coolermaster HAF 932 case
Coolermaster SilentProM 850W PS

What are your tips/experiences?
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  1. Yep saw both of those. I'm asking because I've seen mixed comments about the vertical line method. I did that same thing (just no tinting) and not getting great cooling numbers.

    So it's a no-no to do the pea sized drop in the middle for the i7-950 right?
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