EVGA 9800GT Blackscreen Asus M3N72-D

I have a EVGA 9800GT that goes to a blackscreen when I boot windows (vista).

I took it out and tried another card (an ASUS 9800GT) and that works fine.

EVGA FAQ says that this is most likely caused my intergrated graphics on my mobo (ASUS M3N72-D). It suggests that I should disable my intergrated GPU, however for my mobo only lets me set an "Automatic" or "Enabled" option in BIOS.
(Automatic defers to any installed VGA cards)

I really want to get this card to work, does anyone have any clues as to how to get it working?

I have a 600w psu.
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    Well,when another 9800GT works,then the other one should work too, so i think its a problem with your card not your motherboard.
  2. Yea well the mobo recognised the card and installed drivers from it, then asked for a restart. Upon restart I get usual POST and windows boot then black..........
  3. If so,then you are right,its mostly because of the onboard card.
    Try disabling it from Device manager in windows,if it didn't help,try this solution
    "Try putting one 9800GT first and choose PCI in bios.
    If it works just restart the pc and change it to PCI-E.

    I tried that and it worked for me, must be a motherboard bug."
  4. try booting in safe mode. if you can then its likely a driver issue. If not, its prob your card.
  5. I booted in safe mode, Card is detected and no ! indicting that it is working properly. I got SLI so I biffed my other 9800 in. Both cards recognised but when I enable the EVGA 9800 my screen goes black again.......
    I have tied it alone and in both PCI-E slots same problems.

    And Maziar, Choni Bashi!
  6. I'm fine :D
    I think there is a problem with your card,if disabling the onboard card from device manager doesn't help,then RMA it
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