Hard drives randomly unmount - hardware or software issue?

Hi, I'm having a problem with 2 hard drives unmounting, it's happened 3 times within a month and I'm absolutely stumped. At first I thought it was drivers in os x but I don't seem to have any kexts that could be causing the issue. It's never happened before and it's seemingly very random. I'm thinking it may be hardware related because all my sata cables are kind of smashed against the side of my case and I have taken my case apart several times lately. I can post a pic if need be. Also, they are both seagate barracuda 2tb's and they are both plugged into the gsata ports set to ahci. None of my other drives have had this issue. Would voltage have anything to do with this?

Here are my specs:
-Gigabyte GA-Z68-UD3 w/UEFI
-If it matters, I am OC'd at 4.4 Ghz, c1e, c36, and eist are all disabled
-OS X 10.8.2, Windows 7, Ubuntu 12.10

This has only happened under OS X, but I don't use Windows or Ubuntu enough to know if it happens under those OS's.

I'm going to replace all the sata cables to see if the issue persists, but is there an application that will test for any hardware issues like this?

Thank you in advance. I have posted on other forums with no response. Even though I have several backups, my data is at risk here so please help.
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  1. You can test the hard drives with Seagate's SeaTools diagnostic software, but it's Windows-only software so you would have to install the drives into a Windows PC as secondary drives in order to test them: http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/seatools/
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