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I have hp dv6000 laptop that is dead and my granddaughter has the same, my problem is, I thought I would remove the hard drive from my laptop and format it to use as an external unit, however, by mistake, I removed the hard drive from the wrong one and formatted that, I now can't get the good one to work, can you help please. mick b
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  1. It depends on how you formatted the drive, normaly it should contain at least two partitions if you did not delete, or format the second partition that existed on the drive and image of the OS installed on the laptop should still reside on that partition, you will need to use a recovery disk or there should be an option to recover the OS install from that partiton to re install it as the working OS on drive C:.

    I think you had to press the F11 key before windows loaded to get the option to restore from the recovery partition to re install windows if I remember if the case.

    If that does not work you will have to get windows, depending on the version installed and just use the serial key if the MS sticker is on the laptop with the serial number to install.
  2. Try Easus Partition Recovery:

    If that isn't successful or practical in your circumstances, you will have to perform a factory recovery on the laptop whose OS you have wiped off in error.
  3. Hi there, thanks for the reply, unfortunately the cd rom in the laptop is now not recognised and all this is new to me , thanks
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