GA-Z68A-D3-B3 Raid-0

I am thinking of getting the GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3-B3 and using the Turbo XHD- Full Automatic RAID 0 to raid two 115GB SSD A-RAM SSD ULTRA II ARSSD11GBU2. Will this work?

And if it will work is it really worth it on an average gaming rig or would 2 fast HDD get the job done for most people.
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  1. SSD's in RAID0 means no TRIM - forget about it, you will get better performance in the long run with a single large SSD

    dont bother about RAID especially some automatic crap just get one decent SSD, doesnt matter how many "fast" hdd's you get there still a hdd etc, no comparison to an ssd
  2. Why game load comparisons between single SSD and RAID SSD, shows the RAID extremely faster then?
  3. I agree about the Trim, but that's about it. SSD scales really well :) However, if one SSD fails or the RAID fails - poof - you've got NO data :(

    RAID A-RAM SSD ULTRA II 115GB 2.5" MLC, 285/ 275MB/ s = $400 for 230GB.
    V3LT-25SAT3-240G.OEM 550 / 500 MB/ s = $375 for 240GB w/Trim

    IMO I'd prefer a single OCZ Vertex 3 240GB V3LT-25SAT3-240G.OEM

    OCZ Vertex 3 240GB single SSD ->|20-227-707^20-227-707-TS%2C20-227-730^20-227-730-TS%2C20-227-715^20-227-715-TS

    I recommend that you read the following article which compares single vs RAID in SSD ->,2848-9.html ; note this is only one page but it's pertinent to 'real world'.
  4. Yeah it doesn't seem worth the money for the pay off. I'll stick to one SSD.
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