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I am planning on upgrading my current pc to an i7. I currently have asus p5n-e sli, core 2 duo e6600@2.4 ghz, kingston 3x2gb@800 mhz, xfx gtx 275, 2x1tb hdd@7200 rpm all housed in a Cooler Master HAF 922. Could I get some suggestions as to which motherboard and processor should I go for? I currently have in mind the Asus Rampage III extreme and Intel i7 920 but can't decide on the ram modules as I am on a tight budget (can spare about $120-$150). I would be using this new rig for gaming but mostly for 3d modeling, rendering and digital sculpting with softwares such as maya and zbrush. Now I have been researching a lot on these since the past month or so and have read that the i7 920 would beat the i7 960 when overclocked. But that would only be possible when the 960 is at stock speeds. It will definitely outperform the 920 when both are overclocked. So my question is that is there any advantage of getting the 920 over the 960? Also I am confused whether I should stick with the rig I have in mind or get a cheaper motherboard (like the gigabyte ga-x59a-ud3r rev 2.) and a higher end processor something like the 965 or the 980 which I could overclock higher coz of the unclocked cores. Also I would like to know which psu should be suitable for this rig. I currently have the cooler master extreme power 600w. Also if anyone from India could tell me the prices of the motherboards and processors in indian rupees then I would be ever so thankful coz most of the websites have the old prices.
I have also been looking at boards like the gigabyte ga-x58a-ud7, asus p6x58d premium and gigabyte x58 extreme. So if any of these are better in one way or the other I would like to know that too. And please guys don't just tell me which one I should go for without explaining why :).
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  1. ^ Are you in a hurry to upgrade the PC?? If not, then by Q1 2011, both AMD and Intel will be launching newer CPU in newer platform and the LGA 1366 will be replaced by LGA 1365...

    As for the parts that you have,
    +1 for the i7 930/ 950, they wouldnt cost much more than the 920...

    Mobo -
    Gigabyte X58A-UD5 - It is features similar to the ASUS P6X58D Premium, but at a lower price(till what I have seen in Indian price)

    PSU - Definitely a better one -
    If just going with a single graphics card -
    IF you want to go SLI/ Crossfire -
    700W +

    From Corsair/ Antec EA or TP series/ Cooler Master Silent PRO or Real Power/ Seasonic/ Silverstone

    About your confusion of 920 vs 960, how can say the 960 would outperform the 920 when overclocked ??
    They are same chips(930/ 920 D0) clocked at different speeds...So once overclocked to similar levels there wont be any performance difference...
  2. Other places to check for price -

    And why not try google shopping option?? It is available even for and returns required results...
  3. Well thanks for your reply gkay09. I really do need to upgrade it asap as my current motherboard is dead. So I need a new pc to get back to working with animation. Still have one question, the 960 is clocked higher than the 920 at stock speeds, does that mean that the highest clock speed of the 960 will be higher than that of the 920 when overclocked since the multiplier on the 960 is higher than that on the 920? Another question which arises is whether I should go for a cheaper motherboard like the Gigabyte ga-x58-ud5 and get a high end processor like the 965 or maybe even the 980 or get a high end motherboard like the rampage III extreme and a decent processor like the 930 or 960?
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