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Im buying an SSD and i need advice

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December 24, 2012 11:01:47 AM

I have 1 hdd for storage now and i wanna to buy an SSD.30GB is enough for me.Windows 7 32bit lite take only 4-5GB and when i put programs too it will be around 10GB and maybe 1-2 games that have small instalation folders.Maybe League of legends-4gb intsllation now.I have sata 2 mobo and i dont need sata 3 SSD cause i ll not make update now.

Im from Bulgaria and im lookin for the cheapest SSD from 30GB.A-DATA SSD S396 30GB-cost only 72leva and in euro this is around 35.Does anyone have this SSD and is it good?Does it have any bugs or does it made any problems?If anyone have it now pls reply what u think about it.

Do i need to make anything for the SSD or the windows 7 make it by him self?I read some about Trim tehnology or something like this.And is bad for the SSD if u make defragmantations.And if the SSD goes around 28-29GB and its almoust full does it decrease his performance?

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December 24, 2012 11:59:52 AM

First, buy the largest SSD you can afford. I recommend saving your money for at least a 90gb. Next, set your Sata controller to AHCI and load windows with only the SSD attached. Windows will do most of the work to set up the SSD, trim, disable defrag. There are other good tweeks to use:
December 24, 2012 12:36:14 PM

So u wanna to tell me that cheap and low storage SSD's like 30-60gb are not good and not reliable?
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December 24, 2012 12:49:01 PM

Not exactly. In my experience you will get the best benefit from and SSD by installing the OS and your most used programs. If you are careful a 64gb SSD will do this. Generally the larger the SSD the happier you will be over the long run. Now people are starting to get 240gb SSDs (I can't afford them yet, either). It is up to you, you will enjoy an SSD either way. How long before you can afford a 64gb SSD? You may regret getting the small one in the near future.... and you may want to upgrade your OS sometime down the line.
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December 24, 2012 2:19:43 PM

The ADATA S396 SSD is an older SATA II 3Gb/s model. The older SATA II models have been replaced by newer SATA III 6Gb/s SSD's.

Here is a link to a technical review of the ADATA S396 published by Tweaktown:

I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section. The database no longer lists SATA II 3Gb/s solid state drives. However, I still have older versions of the database. There is no record of any other English Language technical reviews other than the one published by TweakTown. ADATA is not that well known among gamers, enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers.

December 24, 2012 2:45:27 PM

I dont need sata 3.I need just to be reliable.And i know that is twice ot more fast than the regular 7200rpm HDD.Mine is old hdd so ssd sata 2 would be super fast compair to the hdd.
Next in this price range are
Corsair SSD 30GB 2.5 Series Nova 2 (52 euro)
KINGSTON SSD SVP200S3 60GB (52.50 euro)
A-DATA SSD S396 TURBO 60GB(53 euro)
and the most expensive for me INTEL SSDSC2CT060A3K5 60G 6GB/s - (61 euro)

I need reliable SSD(cause i dont wanna to change it for 3-4 years or more.And i will use the SSD only for OS and programs) for this price range.And 30GB is enough for me.I can go for this now.I know that intel are best but compairing the corsair vs kingston vs adata is it worth to get the corsair who is only 30gb instead of Adata or the kingston 60gb version ?

And one more question is it really necessary to do tweaks for the SSD?
I prefer to stay with the default settings on the SSD.
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December 24, 2012 4:00:20 PM

You do know that you will NOT get 30 gigs:
First you loose a couple of gigs because Manuf count in deicmials and computers use Powers of 2 30 gigs formated = approx 28 gigs.
2nd You must leave a MIN of 15% free so that wear leveling, Garbage Collection, and Trim can work their magic. NOTE recommended free space is now 20-25% free).
This drops your available space down to 22 -> 26 gigs available.

You Must use the following tweaks to conserve space.
1) Disable Hibernation, saves an amount of space equal to size of your RAM.
2) Limit your page file by setting min max to the same value. You did Not indicat how mut ram you have. If 4 gigs then try setting Min and max to 2048 mb. This can also be set to zero for C-drive (SSD) and placed on HDD. For 4 gigs Ram windows will allocate approx 6 gigs SSD space for Page file (virtual memory).
3) disable, or limit amount of disk space windows will allocate for restore points. Each restore point takes about 300 mb. So just 10 restore points will require 3 Gigs diskspace unless YOU take control.

PS anything less than 60 or 64 gigs for an SSD is asking for trouble down stream. Recomended, have to agree is 80->90 gigs as a Minimium and the recommended size of 102/128 gigs. YOUR Call.
December 24, 2012 4:29:21 PM

I have 4 gigs of ram but im using 32bit windows 7 so it use only 3.48gb.In my previous post i ask about the current SSD's who u recommend?Cause i cant buy larger than this
now.Do u recomment the intel or the kingston 60gb ssd?
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December 24, 2012 4:51:49 PM

Intel, Their Sata II SSDs have the Highest reliability ratings for SSDs. I have an OLD G1 and a G2 Intel SSD and they are still working.

Understand the 32 Bit w/4gigs but only 3.4 available. But for Purpose of Hibernation windows will allocat 4gig and for page gile approx 6 gigs.
December 24, 2012 4:54:37 PM

Ok thank you to all for the help : )
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December 24, 2012 6:48:13 PM

Have a look at Corsair Nova 2 (30 GB).
December 24, 2012 7:55:41 PM

Corsair is good too but other guys suggest me to get at least 60GB SSD.
Do u have this corsair or u just suggesting it that he is good ?
December 25, 2012 10:09:24 AM

Aha i ll see.I ll see the forum too.What other buy at this price range.
December 26, 2012 1:41:05 PM

I think i ll get the intel 330 60gb ssd.But what makes ssd to have more written or read gigabytes on it?For example if i have OS and programs like utorrent,skype,google chrome and 1 online game.And i will use the programs all the time on and the game maybe for 3-4 hours per day.Is it the game does most of the written/read on the disk?Cause i read that 1 disk maybe was an intel or another ssd can write/read around 50 terabytes and then he start to fail or kind of.
And if this is true is it best to put only the windows on the SSD and programs,games,movies etc. to be on the HDD?So the SSD can have bigger life

The guy have installed OS,programs and world of warcraft and skyrim.He play wow everyday and after 10 days he look in some program that say he have 491GB written already so if the ssd can handle around 50-60TB on it will the disk fail after this?
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December 26, 2012 1:59:59 PM

The Intel 330 is good. Just load your data intensive games on your hard drive so you don't completely fill up the SSD.