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Upgrading my mom's old system with spare parts I have laying around.(memory and such.) It's an Compaq sr1010nx with celeron northwood 478 processor. I have a spare P4 processor part number SL6PP 2.6ghz. Would there be much to gain by swapping out the processor?
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  1. The old Celerons on that chipset run at max 2.8Ghz - they only have 128kb of cache though.

    Yours has 512kb cache. Doesnt have HT on that chipset though.

    You might see a small performance gain. Worth the effort.
  2. The 3.06 533 fsb p4 is the fastest you can use. Starmicro has one for $27.50. You can find the link on pricewatch under cpu>p4 3.06. Be sure to get the desktop version; they also sell a mobile version, which may not work with your board or heatsink. You will notice maybe a 20% performance gain, especially with 1-2 gb of memory.
  3. Thanks alot. Makes a big difference. Even shoed up on the compaq splash screen.
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