New SSD. Now missing secondary HD's...I don't get it?


Is it perhaps because I formatted SSD as NTFS & now it cannot see my secondary HD's because maybe they are FAT32? I don't recall if they are NTFS or FAT32, but probably FAT32.

I just bought an Intel SSD & did a fresh insall of XP. I now cannot see two of my HD's. I have both of them on a removable case & can't see them individually.

They show up on the BIOS & even in the windows device manager hardware, but not as drives with driver letter.

When I go to My Computer/Manage/Disk Management it shows the following:
SSD: Disk 0 (& is on C drive)
Layout: Partition
Type: Basic
File Sys: NTFS

The secondary HD's shows up as:
Dynamic Disk 1

EaseUS Partition Home Edition shows SSD as:
Disk 1 (MBR)
Files Sys: NTFS
Status: System
Type: Primary

EaseUS Partition Home Edition shows secondary HD's as:
Dynamic Disk (Disk 2)
File System: Unallocated
Status: None
Primary: --
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