C: OS System Drive Access Denied

In my Dell Alienware Aurora ALX desktop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, after trying to install an Oracle App, suddenly my System OS Hard Drive c: became inaccessible.
"Access Denied"

The other drive D: is fully accessible. Even the c: drive is accessed by Virus scanners etc., I cannot open C: through Windows Explorer. Programs installed in C:\Program files are also not runnable. Even System Protection cannot be accessed through Computer-> Properties->System Protection.

I have tried Safe Mode wherein System Restore works but that restoration has not got rid of the problem

Netizens tell me that this the mischief of a virus - autorun.inf virus and suggested Autorun Eater and Autorun Remover - these two did not even install/run properly. One suggestion was to access c: through cmd.exe - look for autorun.infs there and delete them: unfortunately there are thousands of them - bewildering - which of them can be deleted safely?!

I am able to do everything else - including visit to this forum - except accessing c:\ and the programs installed therein!

Pls help!
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  1. If you can, try installing malwarebytes. First run it in safe mode, then reboot and run it again in normal mode.

  2. Download the Trinity Rescue Kit. Follow the instructions on the site to run the virus scanner


    Follow the directions on the site. Boot from the CD, and run the Virus scanner. Start with Bit Defender first as the default Clam isn't that great. Make sure you use an ethernet connection to download and update the virusscanners. Also, it's going to take a while, a long while, depending on how much stuff you have on it.
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