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Ok I have some problems with my mic. When I talk over skype with someone, I can hear them perfectly but when I try saying wahtever, they either dont her me, or hear some unbound sounds like -ik-eek-ud-up ... I think my mic itslef is working but smth else is screwing me up. I have the latest drivers, I even downloaded the Realted VIA HD Audio panel everything is as its supposed to be. I have a new and my old mics but I can only produce noise, nothing else. When I go on Control Panel and under sound and mic propertise I se ethe green bars moving upwards. On skype there is this mic testing widget, when I try it out I hear either nothing or again unbound sounds.
Please help me out
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  1. If the mic is working fine with other programs, it is possible that the Skype's plug-in has not been installed correctly. Try un-installing and then re-installing Skype.
    If the mic is doing the same with other programs (try Voice Recorder, for instance), then the issue is somewhere else.
  2. The mic is working ok with other computers. Whatever application I use it with on my PC, however, it wont work. I just gave Skype as an example, Im also using ICQ, Ventrillo ... none of them works. Thats why I think the problem is with my Sound Card, but I dunno how to affirm that. I dont want to jump into replacing the sound card becuase I am not sure that the problem is there either. I need to be sure first. Any ideas?
  3. If the mobo has integrated sound, you can start by removing the add-on sound card and trying the on-board sound. If it works, it's your sound card that's defective.
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