New SSD Now missing secondary HD's

Is it perhaps because I formatted SSD as NTFS & now it cannot see my secondary HD's because maybe they are FAT32? I don't recall if they are NTFS or FAT32, but probably FAT32.

I just bought an Intel SSD & did a fresh insall of XP. I now cannot see two of my HD's. I have both of them on a removable case & can't see them individually.

They show up on the BIOS & even in the windows device manager hardware, but not as drives with driver letter.

When I go to My Computer/Manage/Disk Management it shows the following:
SSD: Disk 0 (& is on C drive)
Layout: Partition
Type: Basic
File Sys: NTFS

The secondary HD's shows up as:
Dynamic Disk 1

EaseUS Partition Home Edition shows SSD as:
Disk 1 (MBR)
Files Sys: NTFS
Status: System
Type: Primary

EaseUS Partition Home Edition shows secondary HD's as:
Dynamic Disk (Disk 2)
File System: Unallocated
Status: None
Primary: --
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  1. Add the disk to your computer's system configuration so that you can access data on the disk.

    To add a disk to your computer's system configuration, import the foreign disk:

    In Disk Management: Right-click the disk and then click "Import Foreign Disk". Any existing volumes on the foreign disk become visible and accessible when you import the disk.

    Repeat for the other foreign disk.
  2. OK. I did see that option.

    Will that change my secondary HD's in any way? Will they still be FAT32 or will they be converted to NTFS?

    No data loss, right?

    I also tried to plug my 1gig USB & I can see that just fine, but it is NTFS though.
  3. XP can use NTFS or FAT32. The preferred format is NTFS.
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