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Hey guys! I'd like to know if you get all the necessary power leads and that with your graphics card so when you get a graphics card you can just put it in or would i maybe have to get a new power supply aswell because mines is quite dated now anyway and only 600W... I thought about getting two 460's also but i think my motherboard doesn't support SLI, i don't know so i think i might just get the 5870..
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  1. What make and model is your power supply? Also what motherboard do you have?
  2. Ill try and open my pc..see it was a prebuilt one from Ebuyer..
  3. Ok maker of powersupply is Zoostorm and the model is ZOO-G500HGP and the motherobard is made by Foxconn and the model is G31MX out of the 46GMX series..
  4. Your motherboard only has one PCI-E lane so no SLI or Crossfire. I couldn't find any info on your PSU, could you look at the label on the PSU and see how many amps and watts it has on the +12V rail(s)?
  5. Is this: your PSU?

    If so then you'll need to buy a new PSU if you want to power a card like the HD5870. The PSU has most of its power on the +3.3V and +5V rails which isn't much good for todays PC's. Modern PSU's have almost all of there power on the +12V rail(s).
    It does have 2 x PCI-E 6 pin connectors so it might power a GTX460, However I wouldn't risk it, Never heard of Zoostorm before.
  6. Yeah ,Ah this is gonna cost me more than i thought >.< Any recommendations on cheap motherboards which can handle the 775 socket quad cpu processors and also ofcourse offers SLI?
  7. Nah im forgetting that idea now.. keeping my same mobo but getting a 480 i think , a new PSU and new case and windows 7, because i think im better waiting till the new socket and cpu's come out next year instead of investing in an new dead socket..
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