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E4500 with 5770

Hey Wht performance loss will i suffer when 5770 is combined with my pld e4500 2.2 ?? :??:
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  1. 2gb RAm ddr2
    D945 CHiPset
    Sad part is i have already ordered sapphire 5770!
  2. Bottlenecks will be occurring. however try to overclock your CPU as much as possible,and increase a bit of RAM.
  3. MAx my Ancient PC support is 4 GB :p
  4. ye, 4gb will do the job.
  5. Hope so n Overclocking D945GCNl Will it be POssible ??
  6. I think you can overclock in it. If you don't find any options try updating bios, btw is it an OEM mobo?
  7. Its Custom made assembled n I did that with setfps but it shift backs to normal on restart max i could go was 2.5 after that grey screen appered n temprature touched 70C with maxstress on 2.5 i just have 2 front n one big top fan!
  8. YA NO options in d BIOS
  9. Okay, no custom cooler on your CPU?and update your bios.
  10. No not at all thats d old intel one default nothing else except fans :p n CMOS battery failure occured so i ill try changing the battery first meanwhile i fuked my old GPU 9500GT overclocked it n I played MODERn WARFARE at extra high graphics with 4x anti laising awesome gameplay :P but d temprature touched 90C
  11. buy a aftermarket cooler for your cpu. It seems it is very hot out there. 9500GT touched 90C :o enough to make two toasts and a fried egg..haha :lol:
  12. YA right it is but My room temprature is below 27 C n Atleast i can use my 9500 to roast a chicken afterwards :P
  13. haha.....then don't forget to invite me on the great meal. :D

    hmm,27C not bad,should stay normal.

    First of all download GPZ,and if you have it then just check out the %of the fan speed.

    Second download this software and set the fan speed to max.
  14. Ya i ill mail u half of it :p re heat it on urs after removing d stock cooling :p
  15. get 4 gb ddr2 check your motherboard highest speed ram like 1066 or 667 mhz and get the highest speed of ram that comatible with your motherboard then get thermaltake frio cpu cooler then overclock your cpu to the highest possible like 4.4 GHZ and if you have extra cash get core 2 duo 3.06 with 6 MB cache that sould be more than enough
    good luck
  16. Thanks a lot , n FAn speed HElped afterovercloking i played bad campany 2 online at high graphics :p at 80 C :p haha
    here it says my board supports only 2 GB so IT not only SUXS it BLOWS too!
  18. Fortunately mother-boards are really cheap these days.

    this supports both DDR2 (800/667 Mhz) and DDR3 (1600/1333/1066 Mhz).

    If you Left are with bare cash, then buy this :

    and if not just buy another DDR2 2Gb Ram(Remember to buy it in same bus) and fix both of the sticks, it will be 4Gb.
  19. INstalled 5770 n i am getting 35 fps without any overcloking with just fans for cooling in bad company 2 with AF4x AA2x!
  20. In what resolution are you playing?
  21. 1024*768 @85
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    ye, bottlenecks are actually occurring as you can see, just because you are playing in low-resolutions. As the CPU has to work more than the GPU when you are playing at low-resolutions. But there is nothing serious you just have to overclock your CPU a bit. Everything is just fine :)
  23. YA THanks :>
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