Where can i find out which is the best graphic card for my motherboard

Hello,i was wondering which would be the best economical and optimum choice of Graphic card for my Motherboard "Gigabyte ga-ma74gmt-s2"
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    Ati Radeon HD 5770 would be good or Nvidia GeForce 260GTX Core 216 would be good the gtx260 costs a little more than the hd 5770,i recommend XFX or EVGA company GPUS
  2. Level with us your economical and optimum budget .....
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  4. thanks i think hd5770 price fits my budget well
  5. mine too i was talking to people yesterday about choosing gtx260 or radeon 5770 i saw some specs and benchmarks they are all the same and radeon has more benchmark points in 3dmark than the gtx260,remember u can also do Crossfire whit radeon 5770 only on a 600w psu.
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